Natural Oils

Cold pressed, organic (bio) or refined:

Primabene® offers more than 120 different natural vegetable oils for health, nutrition and cosmetics. From almond to vermouth oil, diverse in smell, taste, appearance and composition – Primabene® Premium Natural Oils have one thing in common:

They are all natural and valuable energy suppliers to our bodies.

Primabene® Premium Natural Oils are being gently extracted applying highest quality standards. This underlines their uniqueness!

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Primabene® Premium Natural Oils have a positive effect on our health (internally and externally).

Good for cosmetics

Our range of essential and natural vegetable oils is being used in many applications: As a base for soothing creams or ointments, aromatherapy, for massages, etc. The characteristics of our natural oils have a significant positive influence on the finished product.

Good for nutrition

For our bodies, vegetable oils are a valuable energy supplier. Important measures of quality are smell and taste. The importance of vegetable oils for nutrition depends, however, on its molecular structure: the lipid profile determines its health benefits.

Trust in the certified quality of Primabene®

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